About Us


Established on the 16th February 1976, Montdami was formed by its current Chief Operation Advisor, Angelo D'Amico (Senior) and the late Peter Montanaro. We have since prospered to become a sustainable and yet solid accredited principle contractor renowned for its civil constructions.

It all started with a vision, Peter and Angelo saw potential in the civil construction industry and took the plunge acquiring their first earthmoving machine, a track loader. A major step forward for the business was winning their first project, a 30 units residential subdivision with Taunton Development, as a Principal Contractor and since then the business never looked back. The first office was opened in Bayswater, before it was moved to Carrum Downs and subsequently the current headquarters at Dandenong South.

In 2009, Montdami welcomed the next generations of the D’Amico family, Angelo junior and Sam, into the business. Experienced, driven and innovative, the brothers have since expanded the company into property development, landscaping work and significantly improved the system to manage the business. Even with its growth the company maintains its core value, which exemplifies:
  • Building work relationships based on co-operation, trust and common interest
  • Encouraging a democratic work culture fostering open communication
  • Managing business risks achieving mutual agreements with clients
  • Creating rewarding and satisfying careers for our employees and providing training and development to enhance career opportunities
Majority of our projects are situated in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, however we are not restricted to this region only and we have projects stretching from Werribee all the way to Phillip Island.

Montdami is determined to excel in civil construction industry and our goal is to provide the highest level of service and best quality of work to the clients and job satisfaction to all employees. We will strive to achieve the above missions with a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability and social responsibility.


Montdami believes that highly motivated, passionate and caring employees are one of the greatest assets to our business. We believe that all employees need opportunities for continued learning and personal growth. The professionalism and pride with which we approach our work is a testament to reflect this belief. Currently we house 7 civil engineers, 7 members operations and administration staffs, a team of surveyors and a team of landscapers.

Angelo D'Amico – Chief Operation Advisor

Born in the Italian City of Catania, Angelo founded the company in 1976 and has become a pioneer in the civil construction industry. A chartered engineer, Angelo is actively involved in associated industry bodies and has held the positions of Treasurer, National Director, Third Vice-President and Councilor of the Housing Industry Association over his career. His experience in building and civil construction is often sought to address industry matters and to set construction standards. Angelo has been instrumental over many years in building Montdami’s highly accredited reputation for construction capability and client service.

Sam D’Amico – Director

Sam is Angelo's oldest son and has joined the family business full time after finishing his degree in December 2007. Before obtaining his honours degree in engineering from the University of Melbourne Sam has been working for Montdami part time for 8 years. Sam uses his technical and hands on experience of the construction industry to manage the company in its day to day operations and contract administrations. Sam also is the Quality Manager for the company and ensures that all requirements of the CCF Management Code are met at all times.

Angelo Junior D'Amico – Director

Angelo Junior is an accredited civil engineer graduated from Swinburne University who is actively involved in the operations of the business for the last 8 years. Angelo has been overseeing the distribution of personnel, machinery and materials for all the projects and has acquired extensive experience onsite over the years. Also an accomplished plant operator for a variety of machineries coupled with an intricate knowledge of the construction processes, Angelo is the main person in charge of construction and operations.

Jun Chuah, Fredy Yap – Project Engineers

Jun and Fredy are both high achievement civil engineering graduates who recently joined the company as project engineers. They bring experience in contract administration in information technology and constructions respectively from their previous employer. Competent computer skills and meticulous eyes for details has integrated into the foundation with the directors to the company’s rapid growth in recent years with implementation of new approach to resource management and computer software.

Mark Culhane, George Dickson, Rodney Lay, Wayne Start - Project Foremen

Mark, George, Wayne and Rodney supervise and overlook all construction process, site management and resources reporting on. They help ensure that projects run efficiently and are completed within the specified time frame. They have had more than 25 years site experience, proficient plant operators, and possess first aid Level 2 qualification and VEDN accredited.

Mark Albress - Landscaping

Mark has managed the Montdami landscape division since 2002. He has completed several landscape projects associated with Montdami’s subdivisional works. He has also completed several landscape jobs for a variety of consultants ranging from commercial, residential and industrial projects. The scope of works undertaken by Mark includes, but is not limited to, streetscaping, seeding, planting, grass slashing, reinstatement of existing paths and fences, constructing garden beds, Council reserve works, retaining walls, concrete works and excavation.