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The montdami advantage

Our approachable team produce measurable results using the most innovative technology and bespoke engineering solutions. Our innovation encourages continuous improvement, rapid response times and multi-faceted collaboration and communication that suits your needs.

We’re agile, adaptable, and able – that’s the Montdami Advantage.

Why Choose Us?

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For over forty years, people have relied on Montdami Constructions to deliver cost-effective and timely civil construction solutions in residential, commercial, and industrial projects located across Victoria.

Cost and Time Efficient

Where other firms promise efficacy and timeliness, Montdami consistently delivers projects on schedule with maximum cost efficiency.

ISO Certified Workflows

We use rigorous quality control and workflow methods to ensure all our civil construction projects exceed project and client expectations.

Our Services

major earthworks

Montdami has worked on some of Victoria’s most prestigious earthworks projects for over 40+ years, Montdami actively engages in solving construction problems with an innovative approach. Montdami has a wealth of experience in all facets of earth works including land remediation, golf courses, bridges, retaining walls, and other earthworks services.

resident and industrial estates

Montdami offers a diverse suite of skills and equipment for quality urban development projects, geared toward producing excellent results. From drafting tenders, administering contracts, programming projects, engaging deliverables, to quality assurance, we negotiate problems and solve them with innovative technical approaches.

pipeline infrastructure

Montdami applies its service offering to water sensitive urban design, spillways, stormwater retention systems, open channels, and watermain construction.



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