Yesterday’s News – Paper!

Posted On : November 24, 2022

In line with our reputation as a forward thinking and environmentally responsible company, Montdami Constructions are always looking for ways to raise the benchmarks of sustainability and internal cost efficiency measures. Operating as a successful business for more than 45 years, 2022 is the year that we have embraced the challenge of changing things at the coalface – upgrading our office software to reduce our reliance on paper in communicating with colleagues in the field and with general office records and information.

With the need for a major software upgrade it made sense to look at the most future-focused, innovative replacement software available. As leaders in the construction industry we believe that cultural change – while initially difficult and challenging – is a vital step towards embracing best practice and continuous improvement in a way that not only benefits clients and stakeholders but also has a positive, motivational effect on all our employees and contractors. 

Automation of systems and processes has been routine for many businesses and organisations for a while now, and we have seen innovations such as cloud-based storage of information which enhances efficiency and reduces the need for physical storage sites. Reducing paper usage is something that has been an environmental and sustainability focus for many years, and even though recycled paper is common now it still makes sense to limit our reliance on this natural resource.

Along with reducing the use of paper, our new software system also greatly reduces the time staff spend manually entering data and information, which increases accuracy and frees up the staff for more interesting and challenging work. 

A major cultural change in a long established business is a challenging undertaking, and there are a lot of additional factors to take into account such as staff training and updating – in some cases rewriting – work procedures and instructions. Linking the need to implement change with the organisation’s core values and mission helps to motivate staff members at all levels and indicates that it is not just an arbitrary decision of senior management.

As an environmentally responsible company with an ethos of best practice and sustainability, it makes sense that we look to our internal systems and processes to adopt more efficient and cost effective solutions, and give us the opportunity to lead by example. Our savings and benefits will be something that resonates with our clients and stakeholders.

The company as a whole is energised by this new challenge and every staff member has a sense of achievement in not only doing their bit for environmental sustainability, but also through their learning and mastering cutting edge technology. We are all looking forward to the next challenge to embrace, confident in the knowledge that we are a ‘can do – will do’ team.

If you would like to know more about our paradigm changing endeavour, please contact Michael on 0419 374 558.

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